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What is The University Grapevine?

TUG is a global community of thousands of higher education English language teachers, lecturers and professors. It connects followers via a bi-monthly newsletter packed with great teaching ideas and advice. 

Bi-monthly issues contain...

🎓WOW (Words Of Wisdom): Hear about the journey of well-known and respected language teachers

💡TIP (Theories In Practice): Expert advice about applying well-known language learning theories in the classroom

🌱SELF (Support for Educator and Learner Feelings): Advice on supporting the wellbeing of students and teachers

📚 TEACHING IDEAS: Practical lesson plans and activities published by teachers like you!

Take a look at some example titles and an example issue.

Why did The University Grapevine start?

The Corona Virus pandemic changed our teaching world forever. To help break the feeling of isolation we all felt, TUG was started in June 2021 to connect higher education language teachers more about PRACTICAL teaching ideas. Those teachers have also now been given a way to PUBLISH those ideas to help them further their own careers as well as help their teaching community.

Who is the University Grapevine for?

TUG helps both teachers who are looking for fresh teaching ideas and authors who wish to publish such ideas (see the simple template and find out how to submit an article). The newsletter focuses on articles that are PRACTICAL and easily applied to classrooms the very next day. If you are looking to get new ideas for your students and materials for your higher education language classes, then TUG is perfect for you. 

Where is The University Grapevine going?

The grapevine is growing every day across social networking services, including YouTube,  LinkedIn and Facebook. We now even have a free online language/culture exchange forum (named Culture Club) for subscribers. So, feel free to join us and stay up to date with our ever-changing teaching world!

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