Past Issues

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Issue #12 (November, 2022)

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Issue #11 (September, 2022)

Expert Advice:

Words Of Wisdom: An interview with Maria Guajardo (Professor, Dean, and Vice-President at Soka University)

Theories In Practice: Global Competence advice from Wayne Malcolm (JALT Director of Program and Assistant Professor at Fukui University of Technology)

Support for Educator and Learner Feelings: Advice about learner preferences and wellbeing from Marjorie Rosenberg (Author and Past President of IATEFL)

Teaching Articles:

Feature Article: Talent and Ability: An Engaging Activity to Develop Classroom Relationships by Lisa Borowok at Kyoto Sangyo University

Effective Teaching of Environmental Issues in the EFL Classroom by Jeff Morrow at Prefectural University of Kumamoto

Equitable Assessment of PowerPoint Presentations Using Asynchronous Video Assignments by Akihiro Saito at Tokyo University of Science

Ideas for Interactive Writing Classes by Sam Keith at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Issue #10 (July, 2022)

Expert Advice:

Words Of Wisdom: An interview with David Deubelbeiss (Professor, Author, Teacher Trainer and Educational Consultant)

Theories In Practice: Extensive Reading advice from Rob Waring (Professor Emeritus at Notre Dame Seishin University)

Support for Educator and Learner Feelings: Advice for using wellbeing journals from Mick Walsh (Leading Wellbeing and Resilience Author)

Teaching Articles:

Feature Article: Index Cards for Improving Student Seating, Pandemic Policies, and Engagement by Eric Roslansky at Kindai University

Empowering Young Women with Flexible Online English Literacy Education by Shirley Tan at Nagoya University and Raheleh Akhavi Zadegan at The University of Tehran

Teaching Critical Thinking to Chinese-L1 Masters-Level Students in an Academic Skills Context by James Lamont at The University of York

A Method for Selecting Motivated Students for Elective Classes by Stella Yamazaki at Hosei University

Teacher Fatigue: Combining Learning Objects and Self-Tests to Free Yourself From Redundancy by David Stepanczuk at Osaka Municipal University

Issue #9 (May, 2022)

Expert Advice:

Words Of Wisdom: An interview with Kevin Ryan (Retiring Professor from Showa Women’s University)

Theories In Practice: TBLT advice from Paul Leeming (Professor at Kindai University)

Support for Educator and Learner Feelings: Advice for managing daily stress from Heather Johnston (Communication coach and TEFL expert)

Teaching Articles:

Feature Article: Introducing Can-Do Assessment to Visualize Achievement and Enhance Motivation in English Reading Classes by Yuka Jibiki at Showa Women’s University

Engaging Classes More With Mini-Lessons: Teach The Teacher by Alyson Galea at TAFE NSW

A Competitive Vocabulary Learning Activity to Motivate Students In and Outside of the Classroom by Tekka Chang at Nihon University

Developing Asynchronous Academic Oral Presentations with English for Specific Purposes Students by Pervaiz Yaseeni at Kabul University of Medical Sciences

Issue #8 (March, 2022)

Feature Article: Grammar Acquisition in Synchronous EAP Writing Classes by Michael Yosef at Sophia University

Activities to Identify First Language Interference on English Pronunciation by Cem Yucel at The Address Education Center

Fostering Interaction in the Online Learning Environment by Entusiastik at Universitas Islam Kadiri

Using Breakout Rooms for Online Debates by Sara Matlack at Columbia College

Issue #7 (February, 2022)

Feature Article: Improving Classroom Atmosphere in ESL/L2 Online-Hyflex Classes by Dagmar Kunst at Keio University and Deryk Cameron Bliss at Showa Women's University

Improving English Language Learners’ Pronunciation Through Reflective Learning by Kyla Noble at Sophia University

Implementation and Importance or Reader Response in the English for Medical Purposes Context by Pervaiz Yaseeni at Kabul University of Medical Sciences

Classroom Management by Shyla Chavan at The University of Auckland

Issue #6 (January, 2022)

Feature Article: Bringing Students to Gather Town: An Online Platform for Language Learning by Dr Christa de BrĂşn at Waterford Institute of Technology

Academic and Creative Writing Projects with Technology-Assisted Mind Maps by Dr Graham R Smith at Washington Language School, Azerbaijan

Enhancing Students’ Speaking Skills by Using an Active Listening Strategy by Zarrina Salieva at Samarkand state institute of foreign languages, Uzbekistan

A Spoonful of Context Makes the Grammar Go Down by Andrew Rossiter

Issue #5 (December, 2021)

Feature Article: BORs: A Blessing in Disguise for the Online English Language Classroom by Punit Nitin Kawathekar at ELTIS, Pune, India

Encouraging University Students to Extend English Discussions through Follow-up Questions by Jennifer Nihongi

COVID Carryovers: Taking the Benefits of Technology Back to the Physical Classroom by Justin Mejia at Nanzan University

Teaching Listening and Writing Skills Through Song-Lyric Activities by Stanley M Stephen at American College

Issue #4 (October, 2021)

Feature Article: Language Learning Through a Cross-Classroom Collaboration Project by May J. Nakatsuka at Soka University

Tips and Skills for Better Online Presentations by C.J. Marks at Konan University

Using Real-Time Online Exercises to Encourage Independent Writing by Alyson Galea at TAFE

Engaging University Students in Online Classes with Dictation Activities by R. Arthur Ford at Hosei University

Issue #3 (September, 2021)

Feature Article: Teaching Presentation Classes using FlipGrid by Abigail Capitin-Principe at Nanzan University

Short, Authentic Online Content to Facilitate Greater Participation from University Students by Ferghal McTaggart at Chiba University

Improving Speaking Practice with YouTube Videos by Hall Houston at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

Demonstrative Speech: A Successful Online Activity to Motivate University Students by Nausheen Ayesha Khan at Soka University

Making Academic Discussions More Interesting by Mark Feeley at Lakeland University

Issue #2 (August, 2021)

Feature Article: Using Padlet and Breakout Rooms to Promote Collaboration Online by Heather Austin at Izmir University of Economics

Making English Learning More Enjoyable through Team-Produced Video Projects by Frank Carbullido at I-ERAI Educational Consulting

Helping Students with Pronunciation through Listening by Ed Zaplaski at Gradus Coaching

Creating a Safe Environment for Anxious Freshmen Speakers by Zoha Seddighi at Shiraz University of Technology

Priming Student Motivation with a Quality Classroom Participation Rubric by David Stepanczuk at Osaka Metropolitan University

Issue #1 (June, 2021)

An Online Business Start-Up Project to Motivate University Students by Robert Stroud at Hosei University

Using Online Tools to Assess Presentations in University Hybrid Classes by Stephen Harris at Hosei University