What is Culture Club?

The pandemic made things like studying abroad very challenging indeed, but the desire (and necessity) to cross cultures still remains. Embracing cultures online is a great alternative, but it’s difficult for teachers to know where to start searching. That's why Culture Club has been launched! It is a free online forum which helps teachers post and search for online language and cultural exchanges for their students. It's available to all subscribers, so join the newsletter today and get full access to Culture Club within your welcome e-mail.

How can Culture Club help me?

Think of Culture Club as a billboard connecting teachers from around the globe! You can submit your own exchange idea and it will be visible to teachers around the world who are also looking for exchanges for their students. If you want to find an exchange which may work for your students, you can also look through a list of ideas on the forum and then contact teachers directly about them via e-mail. It's that simple!