What is Culture Club?

It's a free ten-week online English and cultural exchange program between students within higher education organized by The University Grapevine. It runs every year between April and July to connect students from all over the world using short videos and live chats. Take a look at the WEBSITE.

Why should students join?

If you want to learn more about other cultures from around the world while improving your English, then this is for you! Students who have taken part say that Culture Club is a really fun, low-stress and engaging project that results in long-lasting friendships. Participants (teachers and students) also receive a course completion CERTIFICATE to share on their online profiles and resume. 

When do students do it? 

Culture Club takes place once a year for ten weeks (May-July). Applications must be received in April. Take a look at the next SCHEDULE.

What do students need?

What do students do?

Step 1. Check the SCHEDULE and make sure that you are available to take part in the orientation, video exchanges and zoom parties.

Step 2. Apply HERE. There are a maximum of 200 participants, so don't wait too long to apply!

Step 3. Attend the 60-minute orientation on zoom (you will receive the zoom link by email a few days before the orientation. Check your junk mail if you don't see it). You will meet and join your online FLIP group during the orientation. Each group contains around 20 members from different countries (matched together by English-level). STUDENTS MUST ATTEND THE ORIENTATION TO BE ACCEPTED TO CULTURE CLUB.

Step 4. When the program starts, make two-minute FLIP videos for the ten weekly topics. Topics will be connected to student cultures, interests, hobbies, study life, etc. Please make sure to submit your videos before the deadline in the SCHEDULE. Then, watch the other videos in your group and add likes and comments for as many as possible. 

Step 5. Attend the 5 zoom parties in the SCHEDULE. This is a great chance to ask questions about other students' FLIP videos!

Does it cost anything?

No. It's a completely free program.